The Jeep Wave Tradition

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One does not simply buy a Jeep. When you bring a Jeep into your life, you also join a community of adventures and off-road enthusiasts who love for their vehicles runs deep. This common bond is embodied in by something Jeep owners are known for–the Jeep Wave.

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Origins of the Wave

No one knows the exact origin of the Jeep Wave, but there are a few legends of how this symbolic greeting came to be:

  • One theory dates back to World War II when the Jeep vehicles roamed the battlefields. Since Jeeps were used on both sides of the war, those driving the Jeep started their own waves so they could distinguish between allies or enemies as they drove.
  • Another story states the Jeep Wave actually started when the war was over. When soldiers who made it home waved at each other as a way to show they served in the war.
  • Finally, there are those who say the Jeep Wave started with off-roading enthusiasts who wanted to share their excitement with other drivers who also appreciate the same type of adventure-seeking.

How to do the Wave

While the Wave tends to be a side-to-side motion, there are variations to the practice depending on the weather and location, including:

  • The Top off: One handed wave above the windshield or outside the body tub
  • The Top off during cold weather: A nod will suffice
  • The Southern/rural version: Raise fingers from steering wheel and nod

Rules of the Wave

There is a hierarchy that hardcore Jeep lovers abide by when it comes to the Wave, but no matter what Jeep you have, you are still considered to be part of the Jeep family. Factors that can impact your vehicle’s position depend on:

  • The model year our Jeep
  • Whether your Jeep is a daily driver or an outfitted off-road machine
  • And other nostalgic factors

When encountering a Jeep that you know is of a “higher rank” in the hierarchy, it is common practice for you to initiate the Wave and continue it until it is returned.

The Jeep Wave Program

Believe it or not, Jeep does provide a program named The Jeep Wave! This exclusive, members-only 24/7 support program offers eligible Jeep owners a maintenance plan, discounts at over 150 premium retailers, VIP access to Jeep events, around-the-clock customer support, and more! It’s just another great reason to join the Jeep family.

Give a Wave at Bettenhausen CDJR

Want to learn more about Jeep and the Jeep community? Let us at Bettenhausen CDJR be your guide. Contact us with any questions or read up on Jeep heavy hitters like the Jeep Wrangler or the Jeep Cherokee vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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