Custom and Lifted Jeeps and Trucks

Are you looking for a way to enhance your driving experience around Orland Park and Mokena? For a vehicle that will not only turn heads but also provide you with stronger performance, come to Bettenhausen CDJR and check out our lineup of custom Jeep Wrangler options, lifted Ram 1500 models, and lifted Jeep Cherokee trims. Learn more about the pre-lifted Ram and Jeep models as well as our custom Bettenhausen Motorsports and Recon Editions we have on hand at our Tinley Park dealership, and discover how these customizations can enhance your vehicle!

The Benefits of a Lifted Truck or Jeep Model

When you want the most capable truck or Jeep model, you’ll want a lifted model. Lifted Jeep Cherokee or Ram 1500 models provide drivers in New Lenox many benefits, including the following:

  • Because of the lift, truck and Jeep models that are equipped with a lift kit can typically utilize larger tire sizes which help to deter the vehicle from rolling over.
  • Jeep or Ram lift kits also outfit the model with upgraded suspension systems that equip the model with heavy-duty springs that allow for softer landings and less bumpy rides.
  • Lifted Jeep and truck models are allowed additional space between the rough terrain of an off-road trail and the vehicle’s underside. This additional space gives the vehicle advantages in terms of departure angles as well as a greater ability to drive on inclines.
  • Having a lifted Jeep Wrangler or Ram 1500 also grants drivers with improved visibility, alongside the additional wheel clearance and ground space.

The Different Types of Jeep and Truck Lift Kits

When you want to lift your truck or Jeep model, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right lift kit version for your needs. There are the standard body lift kits, which, as the name describes, lifts the body of your truck or Jeep but leaves the chassis and suspension at the standard height. Body lift kits are best for street and highway driving, as they don’t affect the comfort or handling of a ride. There are also five different kinds of suspension lift kits, which give your vehicle additional ground clearance and are perfect for drivers in Joliet who plan on doing more off-road driving. Learn about the different suspension lift kits below:

Coil Suspension Lift Kits: 

For the absolute best ride quality, you may want to opt for a Coil Suspension Lift Kit. While these kits typically use cheaper springs than other lift kits, your ride will be enhanced on off-road trails thanks to the comfortable drive that this enhancement offers.

Shackle Suspension Lift Kits:

Shackle Suspension Lift Kits are usually one of the cheaper options for drivers interested in lifting their truck or Jeep model. They provide the lift but don’t offer all of the off-road benefits that you could expect with some of the other lift kit options. If you want to have the best off-road-capable vehicle, then you should probably choose another lift kit option.

Shackle Reverse (S/R) Suspension Lift Kits:

These kinds of lift kits are best for drivers who plan on doing a lot of driving in off-road conditions that aren’t too intense, like forests, trails, and deserts. Equipping your truck or Jeep SUV with a S/R lift kit can make your ride extremely smooth in these terrains.

Spring Over Axle (SPOA) Lift Kits:

For drivers who want the most out of their lifted Jeep or truck, Spring Over Axle (SPOA) kits are most effective for driving over rough, rocky terrain. This lift kit is specifically made to increase traction and keep your tires on the ground.

Lifted Spring Suspension Lift Kits:

For inexperienced off-road drivers in Chicago, you may want to equip your Ram or Jeep model with a Lifted Spring Suspension Lift Kit. These kits are easily installed and provide greater control when driving in tougher terrains.

Find a Lifted Jeep Wrangler or Ram 1500 at Bettenhausen CDJR

Think you want a lifted Ram 1500 or Jeep Wrangler model? Come to our dealership in Tinley Park and take a look at our selection of pre-lifted models. Or, if you want a lift kit installed on a Jeep or truck that you already own, we can service that as well! Contact us today and schedule a test drive with any of our available lifted models, or schedule a service for our experts to install a lift kit on your Ram 1500 or Jeep Cherokee!

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